Foundations take a stand

A transformation that leaves no one behind

On 07 and 08 July 2017 the most influential industrialized and developing countries will come together in Hamburg for the G20-Summit. Leaders of the 19 largest economies and the European Union will discuss present challenges and future developments. In advance of this influential event, an unprecedented alliance of foundations and philanthropic organizations (F20) has gathered in order to further shape the political discourse on future sustainability measures before, during and after the G20 Summit.

The road to global sustainable development

With the United Nations formalization of the Agenda 2030 including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement, a number of encouraging sustainability frameworks have been established to spur the transformation needed. These comprehensive agreements provide the foundation for sustainable economies, inclusive societies, targeted educational initiatives and sustainable lifestyles, all that must be increasingly respective of planetary boundaries. The F20-Platform is calling upon G20 member states to fully embrace the transition underway and to further the transformation’s implementation.

The role of Germany and Hamburg

Germany’s role in this mission certainly goes beyond hosting the G20 Summit in 2017. The country has a positive track record and several years of experience with transforming its fossil fuel based economy. Germany’s contribution to a global renewable energy transition is a prominent example. It has also put forward its climate agenda at both the G7 Summit in Elmau (2015) and the Paris Agreement. As a harbor city, Hamburg describes itself as a “gateway to the world” and represents the opportunities of international exchange and the development of relationships between nations. 

Foundations as a driving force for sustainable transformation

Foundations and philanthropic organizations, call for common and transnational action towards a zero carbon economy and a successful implementation of the Agenda 2030. We seek to establish an open dialogue serving to highlight solutions but also potential barriers to progress whilst attempting to motivate other actors to initiate sustainable transformation processes. In doing so, this platform strives to send a conclusive signal to governments that civil society has a crucial role to play in global sustainability processes. Acting together can facilitate overcoming barriers and limitations, showcase by many positive examples in all parts of the world. The german government itself is committed to the implementation of the SDG and has repeatedly highlighted the importance of partnerships in this endeavor.

The G20 Summit provides an indispensable opportunity to provide constructive contributions to turn these goals into reality on the most important national and international stage.

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